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Blasting media - Aluminium oxide (Corund)

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Corund blasting grit (better known as Aluminium oxide) is one of the hardest materials found in nature and is therefore perfect for blasting work. It is a reusable grit with a long service life and is also the hardest blasting grit in our current range.

This grit is best for removing stubborn old rust on iron / steel and other types of metals. It removes the heaviest blasting work with ease due to its hardness. For finer less intense work we recommend our alternative blasting grit.

Corund is recommended for use in blasting cabinets as it can be reused for up to 20 rounds in the blast cabinet, dependant on pressure and application.

Advantages of Corund blasting grit:

  • Ideal for blasting all types of hard surfaces
  • Best suited for removing stubborn rust and old coatings.
  • Creates a rough surface
  • To be used in: blast cabinets
  • Grain shape: angular


Product Details
Delivery time
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks
25 KG
Grain size
1 - 1,4 mm / FEPA F 016
Used for
Blasting cabins, Straalketels, Pressure Blasting Cabinet
Melting point
2050 °C
9 Mohs
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