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Blasting media - Garnet (Speedblast)

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Garnet (also known as Speedblast) blasting grit is similar to our Sibasiv grit. A grit without iron. The raw grains can be reused several times and provide a rough end result. A more widely used steel grit due to the lower hardness compared to Corund and Sibasiv. This steel grit scores 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Advantages of Garnet blasting grit:

  • Grain shape: angular
  • Used on materials: concrete, wood, iron, steel
  • Ideal for removal of: paint, rust, facade and concrete renovations
  • Suitable for blast pots and blast cabinets
  • Supplied in a 25 kg bag



Product Details
Delivery time
Ships within 4-7 workdays
25 KG
Grain size
0,2 - 0,6 mm / MESH 30/60
Used for
Blasting cabins, Straalketels, Pressure Blasting Cabinet
Melting point
1300 °C
7,5 - 8 Mohs
Blasting media - Garnet (Speedblast)
In stock

Ships within 4-7 workdays
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