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Blasting media - Glass beads fine

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Glass bead blasting grit is a relatively hard raw material that is ideal for blasting softer materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Unlike aluminum silicate, this steel grit is hard enough not to split on first use, making it ideal for multiple use in blast cabinets.

Glass bead grit has the unique property that it cleans surfaces without roughening. Perfect for cleaning, finishing and light oxidation removal. For heavier more complicated coating or rust removal we recommend our harder blasting media Corund or Sibasiv.

Advantages of glass bead blasting grit:

  • Recommended for softer materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastic
  • Grain shape: round
  • Ideal for: cleaning without roughening (smooth end result), finishing, polishing, light oxidation
  • Suitable for blast cabinets and blast pots
  • Sold in a 25 kg bag


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Ships within 4-7 workdays
0,07 - 0,11 mm / 70 - 110µm
Te gebruiken in
Blasting cabins, Straalketels, Pressure Blasting Cabinet
750 °C
6 Mohs
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Blasting media - Glass beads fine
In stock

Ships within 4-7 workdays