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Blasting media - Sibasiv

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Sibasiv blasting grit is a calcinated bauxite. A tough blasting medium made from natural materials that is good for multiple use (maximum 20 rounds). It scores an 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it suitable for heavier blasting work. The end result will therefore be rough sandblasted surfaces.

This blasting grit is a great alternative to Corund as it has the same characteristics as well as a similar build up of minerals. Due to the difference in cost, this blasting grit is a great and cheaper alternative if you prefer using it only on short-term. 

For heavier and long term work we always recommend the normal Corund. 

Advantages of Sibasiv blasting grit:

  • Angular grain shape
  • Used for removing rust, paint and as an abrasive / roughening agent
  • Suitable for all hard metals such as iron and steel
  • Sold in bags of 25 kg



Product Details
Delivery time
Ships within 4-7 workdays
25 KG
Grain size
0,5 - 1 mm
Used for
Blasting cabins, Straalketels, Pressure Blasting Cabinet
Melting point
1.350 °C
8 Mohs
Blasting media - Sibasiv
In stock

Ships within 4-7 workdays
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