Assemble your garage system

Assembling your own modular garage system at George at Work can be done by yourself on our webshop. Follow the steps as highlighted below and create your ideal garage system.

Choose your Garage System Line

Before you start choosing the garage system components, you should pick one of our garage system Lines. This way you are ensured that everything you pick fits together and can easily be assembled without issues. The lines differ in price and quality, ranging from the Budget Line to the Pro Line.

Find the table below for the differences between our garage system lines:


  Budget Line Standard Line Premium Line Pro Line

Worktop material

Worktop depth

Drawer capacity




43,7 cm

30 kg


George Tools

Multiplex or Stainless Steel

46 cm

30 kg



Oak or Stainless Steel

60 cm

50 kg



Oak or Stainless Steel

65 cm

100 kg



After you have decided which Line you prefer, you can start assembling your garage system. The process of composing your garage system looks as follows:

Tip: use the filter options to easily navigate between our products e.g. selecting the choosen garage system Line.

1. Choose your cabinets

You start off by choosing the cabinets for under the worktop and next to the worktop. You can see in the image below where these cabinets take part in the total garage system.



You can choose yourself how many cabinets you want to include in your garage system. There is no maximum, although there is a minimum of 2 cabinets. If you are looking to create a corner setup garage system, you also choose a corner cabinet (which will later be accompanied by a corner worktop, two corner tool panels and a corner wall cabinet). 

The high cabinets on the side are optional. They are available in versions with 1 or 2 doors as seen in the image.

2. Choose your worktop

When choosing a worktop, you have multiple materials and sizes to pick from. See in the image below how the worktop takes part in the total garage system setup and how to choose the correct worktop(s).



Dependant on the choosen Garage System Line, you have the following options regarding worktops:

  • Budget Line: rubberwood
  • Standard Line: multiplex or stainless steel
  • Premium Line: Oak or Stainless steel
  • Pro Line: Oak or stainless steel

Once you have choosen a material, you have to pick a size:

  • Werkblad single - 0,68 cm - Suitable for 1 lower cabinet
  • Werkblad double - 1,34 cm -Suitable for 2 lower cabinets
  • Werkblad triple - 200 cm - Suitable for 3 lower cabinets
  • Werkblad corner - 86 x 86 cm -Suitable for a corner cabinet

3. Choose your tool panel

Find below how the tool panel takes part in your garage system setup:



Choose your tool panels according to the previously choosen worktop(s):

  • Single worktop: 1 tool panel
  • Double worktop:2 tool panels
  • Triple worktop: 3 tool panels
  • Corner worktop: 2 corner tool panels

Note: the Premium and Pro Line tool panels are equipped with built-in power sokkets.

4. Choose your wall cabinets (optional)

Find below how the wall cabinets take part in your garage system setup:



You choose the amount of wall cabinets as follows:

  • You can choose 1 wall cabinet per tool panel
  • If you have choosen for a corner worktop and two corner tool panels, you can choose a corner wall cabinet as well.
  • We have two types of wall cabinets: roller door and lifting door.

Choose your connectors (Standard Line only!)

In case you have chosen for a Standard Line Garage System, you will need connectors to assemble the tool panels onto eachother. This is shown on the following image:



You will need two connectors to assemble two tool panels onto eachother. 

Your modular garage system is ready!

Your modular garage system is now complete. If for whatever reason you have chosen components that do not go together, we will always contact you and make the neccessary changes to ensure you a fitting modular garage system. 

If you have any questions or remarks, please let us know. You can contact us through 020 - 328 563 68 or [email protected]. Through e-mail we often respond within 1 workday (monday through friday).

Find below the opening hours of our customer service:

  • Monday            10:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday            10:00 – 17:00
  • Wednesday       10:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday          10:00 – 17:00    
  • Friday              10:00 – 17:00
  • Saturday          Closed
  • Sunday            Closed

We also have three showrooms available across Europe where you can find most of our product range on the webshop (garage systems, workbenches and more!). This way you can see the quality of our products for yourself and thus know exactly what you are buying. Please contact us for an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.

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