Car jacks

At George at Work we have various jacks in our assortment. Order online and the product will be delivered quickly to your home. Pay attention to the load capacity, weight and profile height.

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  1. Kraftmeister hydraulic car jack 3 tons
    Kraftmeister hydraulic car jack 3 tons
    Ships within 4-7 workdays

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Want to buy a car jack? We offer models for every need!

Everyone can actually use a car jack. For private use, it is very practical for on the road and can easily be stored in the luggage space. A professional model is also indispensable in a garage. With a hydraulic jack, you can easily lift cars or caravans. This is helpful when you want to screw under your vehicle or change a tyre.

The affordable models from George Tools are very compact and perfect for use on the road. The Kraftmeister brand offers some very high quality, professional types for heavy loads.

How to use a car jack:

Make sure the jack is strong enough to lift the weight of your vehicle. Since you are not lifting the vehicle completely off the ground with a hydraulic car jack or bottle jack, types with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 2 tonnes are sufficient for most cars. For example, a 2-tonne type can lift a 4-tonne car on one side.

After you have chosen the right model for your car, place it at the right point and lift the vehicle by moving the handle up and down. Caution: The correct attachment point differs for different types of cars. Unfortunately, there is no universal point or notch. Carefully lower the vehicle again by opening the valve or turning the handle. Important! Always use a jack in combination with axle stands, especially if you want to work under the car.

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