Paddock stands

A paddock stand allows you to work on the chain or the wheel of your motorbike in a pleasant and safe way, because the wheel is completely off the ground. You can also store your motorcycle for a longer period of time. We have diffrent models for you in our assortment.

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How to use a paddock stand?

A large proportion of sports motorcyyles are not equipped with a fixed stand, usually only a side stand, which makes them less stable and takes up a lot of space. In this case, you use a paddock stand to park your motorbike. First, choose the right adapters for your motorbike, in the form of pins or hooks. With these adapters, you can adjust the width to fit your motorbike. Then you can easily lift the bike off the ground because of the leverage of the stand.

Paddock stands for the front or rear wheel

Some motorbike stands are suitable for the front wheel of your motorbike, others for the rear wheel. In our assortment you will find front wheel stands and also rear wheel stands. We also have models that fit both the front wheel and the rear wheel. You can also use one stand for the front and one for the rear wheel, e.g. in the winter months when you store the bike for a longer period of time. In this way you relieve the load on both wheels.