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Blasting media - Soda

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Soda Blasting media is the softest blasting media within our product range. It is the ideal blasting choice for lighter blasting jobs such as blasting parts from motors and cars. Soda has a hardness of 2,5 -  3 Mohs and with such low hardness and thus won't damage surfaces. As soda can be resolved in water, there will be no to slim leftovers after blasting.

One of the most ideal things to blast using soda is rubber, as other blasting media's can easily damage rubber. Find the pro's of using soda as a blasting medium listed below:

  • Resolvable in water; no leftovers after use and good for the environment.
  • Soda won't damage the surface of that which you want to blast.
  • Ideal for materials such as: hardwood, plastic, polyester, stone and rubber.
  • Use soda for: dirty parts, small paintlayers.
  • Delivered in bags of 25 kg.

Soda is not ideal for usage in blasting cabines, as it can only be used once. It also is not suitable for tougher blasting jobs such as rust removal on harder metals. We advise using harder blasting grits for this.


Delivery time
Ships within 4-11 workdays
25 KG
Grain size
0,27 - 0,5 mm / MESH 27-50
Used for
Blasting cabins, Straalketels, Pressure Blasting Cabinet
Melting point
270 °C
2,5 - 3 Mohs
Blasting media - Soda
In stock

Ships within 4-11 workdays
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