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George Tools table top Shotblasting cabinet 110L

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Delivery time 4 - 5 weeks

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This blasting cabinet from George Tools is a large table model with a capacity of 110L. It is the ideal addition to any garage or workshop. You can easily remove rust, dirt or paint, even in hard-to-reach places. Place the blasting cabinet on a workbench for save placement, fill it with abrasive, connect a suitable compressor and the blasting can begin. Thanks to the built-in LED lighting, the object you are blasting is always clearly visible. This cabinet is suitable for most blasting abrasives in our product line apart from nut shells and steel shot.

This 110L table top Shotblasting cabinet includes the following accessories:

  • Nozzles (4, 5, 6, 7, mm)
  • Blasting gun
  • Gloves
  • LED light
  • Protective film for the window (5 pieces)

This blasting cabinet is suitable for most blasting media types, including nut shells. Please note: the use of nut shells, or any other soft media in a blasting cabinet produces large amounts of dust due to the low hardness of these materials. The reuse of these products will therefore also be minimal due to their softness.

Please note: Make sure you wear eye, ear and mouth protection at all times during use to prevent any contact with abrasive materials in your eyes or airways.

For this model you have the option to connect an extraction unit. This can be ordered separately. We always recommend using an extraction unit during sandblasting, not using one can cause decreased vision and will eventually lead to dust escaping any small crevises. To start using a blasting cabinet you will also require a compressor with ample air supply. We recommend a compressor with a minimum of 300 L/min and a maximum of 700 L/min.


49.5 x 75.5 x 72 cm
Delivery time
Delivery time 4 - 5 weeks
26.5 kg
George Tools
Air extraction
No (optional)
Blasting cabin capacity
110 Liter
With feet pedal
Including tools
Blasting pistol, Gloves, Nozzles 4/5/6/7, Lighting
Required required air output
132-700 L/min ( 4,6-25 CFM)
Werkdruk (lucht)
40-120 PSI / 2,8-8 Bar
1/4" Male thread
Suitable Blasting Grit
Glass beads, Aluminium Silicate, Garnet, Sibasiv, Corund, Nutshell Granulate
George Tools table top Shotblasting cabinet 110L
In stock

Delivery time 4 - 5 weeks
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